Romney Dodd is a fourth generation Alaskan who started making art in 1991 after the birth of her first child, as a way to better nurture her children and her creative desires. Working in paint, ceramics, and mixed media, she has made a range of work, switching the types of canvases she would paint on throughout the extent of her practice. 

For many years Romney worked with Nordstrom and Dansko bringing hand-painted clogs to Alaska the mainstream market. Her distinct designs were instantly recognizable and her clogs began traveling the world on the feet of women everywhere!

Romney's functional ceramic work consists of colorful and playful designs that she hand paints on each object. The unmistakable Romney bowl, pitcher, or mug became a staple in Alaskan kitchens. 

Romney's most recent project is painting on skin mount taxidermy fish and other taxidermy animals- upscale Alaskan art at its finest!

Working out of her studio in Downtown Anchorage, Romney welcomes visitors and locals to come see the artistic process and pick out a fish or animal to customize as their own.

Taxidermy Reimagined

Make a studio visit with Romney today by contacting the Romney Designs Gallery at (907) 360-5235. (Questions always welcome!)